Review: Dethklok – The Dethalbum II

For my first album review, I decided on Dethklok’s new album, ‘The Dethalbum II’. For those who don’t know, Dethklok is a fictional metal band from Adult Swim’s ‘Metalocolypse’ TV series. Co-creator Bredon Small went on create ‘The Dethalbum’, a compilation of songs from the TV series, which debuted at 21 in the US Billboard 200 charts. Now for Metalocolypse’s second season Small has released ‘The Dethalbum II’.

‘The Dethalbum II’ debuted at number 15 in the US Billboard 200 charts, becoming the highest charting Death Metal album in the history of the chart (an achievment previously held by the first ‘Dethalbum’). The album art looks awesome, although unfortunatly it bears a rather unoriginal album name.

The style of music has changed since the original album. In particular the vocals by fictional character Nathan Explosion have developed more into screams than grunts. On my first listen through I missed the old style, which is still present in some songs (i.e. Bloodlines) but is much less prominent. The newer style of vocals grew on me however, and are now fully appreciated.

The composition of the music seems to have become more complex as well. After listening to Dethalbum II, the original seems a lot more basic. I thought the songs from the original Dethalbum were exceptional, but I now find it hard to listen to a lot of songs from the original with the knowledge that I could be listening to Dethklok’s newer more matured style. This is not to say the original is not worth a listen however. Both albums feature the legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (who fills in for the fictional drummer know only as ‘Pickles the Drummer’) and the drums on both sound amazing.

The length of the new album is short than the original. The original had 23 tracks (including bonus tracts), whilst the second album only has  12 (The bonus material for the deluxe edition was footage from Dethklok concerts). It seems that for Dethklok’s second album, quantity has been swapped in favour of quality. The reduction in tracks is also probably due to the work load it puts on Brendon who does the majority of the writing, composition, production, vocals, guitar, keyboards and bass over the two albums.

It’s a great tie in to the awesome TV series, but don’t underestimate the album because it came from a cartoon show. One of the only problems I have with Dethklok’s material is how long it takes to come out after the TV series and DVDs. After watching the second series I can’t describe how annoying it was not to be able to listen to the songs in full form! Hopefully that’s one aspect Small will improve on. However, this is an album that has The True Metal Blog’s full approval!

Personal Favourite Songs: ‘The Gears’ and ‘Laser Cannon Deth Sentence’

~ by thetruemetalblogger on December 19, 2009.

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