Cover of the Week

(Original Post Titled: Cover of the Week. This feature has been redesigned. Please see later posts in this feature for a further explanation.)

An experimental new feature for the blog, the Cover of the Week (or CotW) will provide a new cover every week for your listening pleasure. Although I hope this will be a permanent feature, it’s lifespan depends entirely upon the amount of good covers I can find on YouTube. Either way, while it lasts it should be good!

Although I won’t always be following the guidelines I’m about to set out, I do hope to try and follow them as closely as possible so as to provide decent covers.

  • The cover should either be or include a vocal cover of the song (as opposed to just a guitar on it’s own for example).
  • The audio quality should be of a decent quality.
  • The quality of the instrumentals and vocals should also be of a good quality
  • If possible the original version of the vocals/instruments should not be audible if that instrument/the vocals are being covered.
  • If possible the cover should be by an amateur or little known band/artist

As stated, I will not always be following these guidelines as sifting through all the lesser covers on YouTube takes time, and doesn’t always yield results. I will strive to deliver decent quality covers from YouTube every week.

The first CotW will be Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Mr Crowley’, covered by a Brazilian band called StereoCaos and will be featured tomorrow.


~ by thetruemetalblogger on March 1, 2010.

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