Sonata Arctica and their new DVD…

Before I start I must apologies for the lack of updates recently. From now I intent to return to my former posting habits.

One thing I did read about that got me excited was that Sonata Arctica are recording a second live CD after ‘For the Sake Of Revenge’ in Milan, and from the looks of it, it’ll be even better than the first one! On their site, it’s been announced that the DVD will include numerous things including:

  • A recording of the two hour concert in Milan: The site describes this show as “a journey from the beginning of their career as one of the most popular Fi[n]nish metal bands until now” as it looks like they’ll be playing old classics building up to newer material. Defiantly looks like a great show for diehard SA fans.
  • A recording of SA’s open air gig in Kemi: In addition to the first show, the DVD will feature the bands open air festival in their hometown of Kemi in Finland.
  • Bonus behind the scenes footage from interviews, tours ect… : As amusing as the ‘Men from the North in the ‘Land of the the Rising Sun” was, it would have been nice to have some other proper bonus material to back it up with. If it’s well produced the behind the scenes stuff will defiantly be of interest. In all seriousnes though I hope they do a feature similar to the documentary from the last DVD. It was brilliantly funny (it’s basically a documentary about the bands drinking!).

All in all, it looks promising, and on a similar note their show in Milan looks like it’ll be a good one as well. Expect reviews on here, even if it just turns out to be of the DVD.

Sonata Arctica’s homepage can be found here.

~ by thetruemetalblogger on May 5, 2010.

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